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NBL ASPIRE is the not-for-profit organisation established to deliver the National Community initiatives of the NBL. The NBL ASPIRE mandate is to address community needs and support disadvantaged and marginalised groups across Australia and New Zealand through the delivery of effective basketball related social programs.


NBL ASPIRE is able to:

–  build community engagement through relevant capacity building strength based programs

–  improve social outcomes for individuals and communities and support disadvantaged and marginalised groups

–  develop sustainable community initiatives that meet the needs of different communities

–  improve access to NBL players and Clubs through community strong engagement programs


Through both the NBL and its Clubs, the development of the 2015/16 National Initiatives will expand on the range of successful innovative programs to deliver positive outcomes for participants.



With research showing that 1 in 3 Australians have an interest in basketball and more than one million men and women, boys and girls are playing basketball throughout Australia, there is huge potential to impact the lives of young men and women through community basketball programs. As the 2nd highest team participation sport, basketball has defied the national trend and continues to grow its already strong participation base among children.

NBL Clubs currently deliver more than 2000 community engagement activities every season through school programs, coaching clinics, school, hospital and prison visits, charity appearances, health and fitness programs, motivational programs, holiday camps, community events, education and training programs and indigenous activities, reaching more than 200,000 children and young people.

In the delivery of all community programs, NBL ASPIRE adheres to robust and transparent Governance processes and proven Evaluation and Reporting Frameworks to ensure the effectiveness and ongoing improvement of all programs and activities.

NBL ASPIRE acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land, elders past and present.