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Featured News / July 14th, 2017

Denver coach backs Torrey Craig to crack NBA

It’s not just Australian NBL fans who are backing Brisbane Bullets star Torrey Craig to make an NBA roster, the Denver Nuggets Summer League coach Micah Nori has also suggested the forward deserves an opportunity.

Craig has been a Summer League standout with the Nuggets, and his play has resulted in many pundits stating that he deserves a chance on an NBA roster finally.

Speaking with the NBL’s Tommy Greer in Vegas, Nori indicated that whether it is with Denver or another NBA team, Craig deserves a shot.

“I think that he’ll have an opportunity, I can’t really speak too much on it but my guess is, he’s a guy who is going to have an opportunity to play in this league whether it’s with the Nuggets or somebody else and that’s all he can ask for,” Nori said.

“He’s put himself in a very good position this week.”

These statements have been coming frequently over the past week from around the NBL world as well as those in attendance at Summer League but the glowing endorsement from Nori says a lot about the gravity of Craig’s performances.

The last three games for the Bullets star have been the most significant, putting up 15 points against Toronto, followed by an enormous 27 points and 11 boards when matched up with the Houston Rockets. Today he continued his run with 14 points and five rebounds in a loss to Brooklyn.

What Nori likes most about Craig is his ability to do a bit of everything on the court, both offensively and defensively.

“He’s been great for us. You look into it he can play defense obviously one through five if he has to definitely one through four he can guard all positions,”

“He’s got a nice jumpshot, he can put the ball on the floor and go where he want to go and he plays the game the right way but I think where he could really help a ball club is probably at the defensive end where he’s a long defender, he’s a high energy defender and he’s a very good basketball mind but I think he’s got a chance of getting an opportunity in this league.”

Known for his defensive ability in the NBL, Craig took home the Defensive Player of the Year Award last season however the Nuggets have been pleasantly surprised with his offensive skillset as well.

“He’s been very efficient, doesn’t take a bad shot, makes open shots, he can get to the rim, he can get to the free throw line and he puts his teammates in a good position to make a play as well,” explained Nori.

“So he’s always making the right play and I think that again, he’s just done a great job for us all week.”

Craig will be back in action tomorrow with the Nuggets against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Full interview with Denver Nuggets Summer League head coach Micah Nori is below.