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Featured News / October 26th, 2016

Round 3 Game Review Panel Rulings


Melbourne United & Tai Wesley have accepted the charge of “Unreasonable contact with face”. The base penalty of 1 Game Suspension has been reduced to a $500.00 fine with an early guilty plea.

The Adelaide 36ers and Terrance Ferguson have chosen to take the Early Plea resulting in a 1 game suspension. This will mean that the player is ruled out of Adelaide’s game v the NZ Breakers in Round 4.


Tai Wesley – Melbourne United
Melbourne United forward Tai Wesley was charged with unreasonable contact with the face during Melbourne United’s game against the Perth Wildcats on Sunday 23 October. The incident in question occurred at 3:09 in the fourth quarter with Jameel McKay being the other player involved.

The matter was referred to the NBL Game Review Panel following a report from the Perth Wildcats which included details of the injury sustained by McKay (chipped tooth).

The Game Review Panel classified the act as careless, with high contact and medium impact. The base penalty is a one game suspension. Under the NBL Tribunal Guidelines the player is entitled to an Early Plea reduction which if accepted would result in a $500 fine with no suspension.


Terrance Ferguson – Adelaide 36ers
Adelaide 36ers guard Terrance Ferguson has been charged with striking following the Adelaide 36ers Round 3 game against the Cairns Taipans on Friday 21 October. The incident occurred during the first quarter (1:38) and involved Taipans’ player Mark Worthington.

The matter was referred to the NBL Game Review Panel following reports from both the Cairns Taipans and the referees from the game.

The Game Review Panel concluded that the contact was intentional, with medium impact and high contact. The result of which is a base penalty of a two game suspension. Under the NBL Tribunal Guidelines, the player is entitled to an Early Plea reduction. Should the player accept the charge, a one game suspension will be imposed.

The NBL will await the reply of the Adelaide 36ers by 5:00pm AEDT Wednesday, 26 October. Should the charge be appealed it will be referred to the NBL Tribunal for the final decision.