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Player Agents
Player Agents

Sports management agents who represent or wish to represent players who participate in the NBL must be accredited by FIBA, basketball's international governing body. 

FIBA Regulation H5 (which can be viewed on the FIBA website*) governs the activities of Players' Agents who bring about or assist in the international transfer of players or coaches. The aim of these regulations is to make sure that a high standard of quality and transparency is guaranteed for the activities of players' agents and transfers within the FIBA “family”.

In order to implement these Regulations, a “Certification Process” has been put in place according to which:

  1. Individuals wishing to act as an agent in the international world of basketball and within the FIBA family must be licensed by FIBA with a so-called FIBA Players' Agents Licence.
  2. The requirements for the granting of the Players' Agents Licence by FIBA are laid down in Regulation H.5.4 of the Regulations Governing Players' Agents. Please note from Regulation H5.4.3 that individuals only may apply for a licence
  3. Letter of clearance requirements have been amended to include the name of the FIBA certified agent who represents each player/coach.

Enquiries on becoming a FIBA certified agent can be made by:

  1. Visiting the FIBA website (
  2. E-mailing the FIBA office at